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Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Depressed to go on !!!

got depressed? HELL YEAHH....
feeling frustrated ?? YES, I AM
messed up ? I THINK SO!
stressed out ?? I DO
under pressure ? absolutely YES. so what?
So What's the fuck up?!!!!!! 

i don't know how to start ?! how to explain this situation? maybe situation goes well until now,, but me,, my self,, and people around me went wrong! yesss... sorry to say that! i just so sick of these things... 
my heart always say:: ENOUGH!! enough make me cry,, enough make me feeling guilty,, enough make depressed... the depressed,, frustration,, and anything has succeed make me angry! 
what kind of problem is it? what kind of happiness behind these ? should i through this way? could i choose another way and another things to avoid the sadness? ouhh geez,, i think i have no choices! yeaahh,, hell yeah it's correct... that's the main point. 
sometimes i feel tired to pretend. pretend that i am okay, i am alright, and i am tough! i don't know wheter i'm stupid for a while or not, but i act like a fool.. 
i know everything happened for a reason but please tell me WHAT'S THE REASON ???
there are so much hurt and so much pain inside but i won't tell honestly to people.. people never care and will say 'whatever'. because what happened to me, doesn't mean world has to know! it seems like a loser if you can't fight the bad things.. 
i just did my best but it was worst from another perspectives! people always talk about sacrifice, kindness, anything good.... those are bullshit!!! FUCK !!

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